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75,000 Brits have already abandoned boring and ineffective methods of learning foreign languages.

Isn't it time you joined them, too?

It sounds like a joke. Me - a famous polyglot? One of the best linguists in Europe? After all, I don't have a doctorate in linguistics, I haven’t finished any elite university. Honestly speaking, I've never been good at languages and my German teacher argued that he would sooner become an astronaut than I would take any German language examination...

I had no money for private language classes. And I wasn't patient enough to study several hours each day. So, how is it possible that a student as average as I was speaks fluently 20 languages?

You may now be expecting an amazing story, in which I explain how I turned into a language genius overnight. But, I’m going to disappoint you.

The truth is completely different. I've never been a language Einstein and I won't certainly become one. But it doesn't matter. Because contrary to what you have heard from your teachers, native speakers or language experts,

everyone can learn to speak 2, 3 or even 4 languages fluently.

What's more, in order to learn a new language from scratch, you don't need:

  • any linguistic talent,

  • any expensive language courses,

  • to spend every spare moment studying – up to 30 minutes a day is quite enough.

How do I know all that?
You probably don't read Danish newspapers and don’t watch our TV programmes every day, so you may not know me. My name is Cristian Pettersson and I am an expert in neurolinguistics. I have spent the last 15 years creating an ultrafast language-learning formula.

In the course of my research I tested over 200 language-learning techniques. And on that basis I created a completely new method, which is considered to be one of the fastest language learning techniques in the world.

Learning without textbooks, boring repetition or strenuous effort

Traditional methods of language learning are ineffective. Swotting up grammar rules. Learning exceptions and revising grammar structures for long hours – this will not help you learn a language quickly. School classes are more of a drill than real study. This is why you sometimes learn a language for several years and you are still unable to form longer sentences correctly.

My formula is different. You won't find it in books. Learning a language from books is boring and is based on cramming new content. I teach a language by creating associations and linguistic patterns. This allows you to use the new language in a natural and automatic way. You don’t cram, you just install it in your brain.

This is a method developed for all those who appreciate their time and do not want to pore over books. If you want to be a linguist, don't waste your time on it. If you want to be able to use languages with ease at work or when travelling abroad, you should join the ranks of my students. To use my method you don't need to be gifted at languages. I am most certainly not.

Learning a language with me is a completely different experience. Thanks to my method:


you will start to easily communicate in a foreign language after less than 30 days,


you will learn up to 200 new expressions a day,


you will gain command of a chosen language without textbooks, monotonous repetition and excessive effort,


you will enjoy every lesson and never feel bored,


you will learn the new language so easily that you will want to learn another one.

The effectiveness of this method is evidenced not only by my success, but most of all by the achievements of my students.

Frederik Rasmussen is one of them. He works for Danish newspapers translating Thai, Korean and even Japanese articles into Danish. Here's how Frederik summed up my method in an interview for the European Litterære Nyheter magazine:

“I used Cristian’s method to learn Korean. What struck me the most is that he transformed the learning process into pure joy. Using his method I learned to speak and read Korean in just 16 days. Pretty incredible!!!”

This method was also used by Mercedes Delgado, the owner of a company specializing in international sales of Spanish wines.

“I have learnt languages since I started doing business with foreign partners. Throughout that time I participated in dozens of courses and classes, but I never learnt as much as I did during Cristian’s language learning programme.”

Many of my students have repeatedly tried to learn a foreign language and failed. So they couldn’t believe their eyes when they tried out my method and it took them only a month to learn more than they did studying a language for several years at school.

Michael Rice, who found a new, well-paid job thanks to the course, says the following:

“A 53-year-old guy learned Norwegian in a month? Were it not for the fact that I did it, I would have never believed it. Thanks to some solid basic language skills I found a job in Norway and now I earn three times more than I used to.”

That’s not the end of my students' success stories. New testimonies come in every day. Among them, there are stories of people who did not know any language and those who have previously mastered one, two or even three. My method works for everyone – it’s as simple as that.

How the 4-week ultrafast language learning formula works

My method streamlines the memorization process. When you learn new vocabulary both the left and the right hemispheres are activated at the same time. The verbal message reaches the left hemisphere and the accompanying picture goes to the right one. You memorize every word or phrase using several senses at once (eyesight, hearing), that's why it happens in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, I've grouped all the material into special sections – thus you learn vocabulary on the basis of similarities. You learn each of them right away in a natural linguistic environment, i.e. in sentences. It makes no sense to learn only vocabulary. You need to use it in practice immediately – if you don't do this, you’ll never memorize it.

And now the best thing – when developing my method I discovered that the human brain memorizes words faster when the meaning is not familiar. So it's best to first see the word, then hear it in a sentence, and only then find out what it means. That's exactly how you learned as a child. First, you learnt vocabulary and not until later did you get to know the meaning of individual words. In this way, a dense network of associations was created in your brain, which prevented you from forgetting them. The use of this mechanism to build associations in the learning process allows you to speed up the memorization process 5 times!!!

Each of these techniques used separately gives you spectacular results, but only when combined together to create one formula they allow ultrafast language learning.

This formula works on three levels:


    Strong motivation is the key to mastering foreign languages. By using this method, you will overcome your unwillingness to learn. Each day will bring progress and you'll be much more motivated to go through the next set of exercises. The joy of learning a language will naturally grow, and your discouragement will disappear.


    After a few days, the activation level of your brain and memory processes will suddenly start to grow. The level of the mind's arousal and memory performance will stabilise – it’ll be 5 times higher than now.


    From the very moment you start learning a language with my method, the process of learning the language you have chosen will be automatic. The tasks stimulate both hemispheres of the brain and therefore when you learn with this new method up to 15 times more neural connections are created as compared to learning languages the traditional way. Thanks to this more and more words are memorized in a better and more permanent manner. Over time you will become fluent when speaking and writing, so you will probably not notice that memorizing them required any studying at all.

Language acquisition with Easy Speaker flashcards

Number of acquired words





Traditional language learning methods

Easy Speaker

Figure 1. The effectiveness of Easy Speaker formula in comparison to traditional methods of learning.

Interactive flashcards will force the mind to memorize vocabulary better and three times faster

The ultrafast language learning method owes its efficiency to a system of interactive flashcards. These are multimedia cards for learning a foreign language with the use of a laptop, smartphone, tablet and other electronic devices, available on an online platform. They include everything which enabled me to learn 20 languages on my own. Each flashcard includes the presentation of a new word and an audio recording of the correct pronunciation of the word as well as an example of how to use it in a sentence.

When you see a flashcard, it forces your brain to associate words with each of the above elements. Instead of only one association – “the way the word is spelt in English and the way it is spelt in a foreign language,” which is created when you learn a list of words in the traditional way, in the process of learning with flashcards the brain creates as many as three such associations.

You will learn to speak German, French, Spanish or any other language in no time.

So, imagine that a strong network covering the given word is created in your brain. That allows you to memorize new words faster. In addition, it’s hard to erase such a network, so the natural process of forgetting what you’ve learnt is several times slower.

Just one day with the system of interactive flashcards available on the online platform will allow you to learn approximately 200 new words. And their regular use will allow you to freely communicate in a foreign language just after 30 days. Many of my students can speak, joke and even argue in a foreign language after just 2 weeks of study.

The system that I am talking about, with proven 5 times higher performance than traditional methods of foreign language teaching, is the Easy Speaker multimedia platform with interactive flashcards.

Using the Easy Speaker online flashcard platform:

  • Easy Speaker IS SIMPLE

    You don't need to mechanically cram vocabulary or use specialized textbooks. You don’t need to seek any additional support for your memory and concentration. The only thing you need is to use the Easy Speaker platform for 30 minutes a day, and soon you will start to easily communicate in your new language.


    Interactive flashcards not only make learning foreign languages easier. Their use is based on natural mechanisms of memory and association, which increases concentration and brain efficiency.


    You only need one day to learn up to 200 new words and phrases, notice the first signs of progress and more easily speak the foreign language. Regular use of the Easy Speaker platform will help you learn English, German, Spanish or another language really fast and you will be able to communicate with foreigners easily.

This may be the most effective method of foreign language learning that has ever been developed. It was tested by experts dealing with learning processes. It has also been tested by dozens of my students from UK – including Clara from Peterborough.

Easy Speaker"My brain absorbs new words like a sponge!"

I've been trying to learn German for five years, to improve my chances of finding a better job. I have tried everything, such as courses at popular language schools, self-study books, private lessons with a teacher – my attempts were fruitless! It was not until I started learning withEasy Speaker that I found out it was exactly what I needed!

Easy Speaker

I made huge progress after just a week of using it. Now, I can conduct a brief conversation and write an e-mail. I feel like my brain absorbs new vocab like a sponge!

Kate Malter
learned German
in 4 weeks

Easy Speaker Easy Speaker

“... everyone will start speaking a foreign language”

I tried to convince myself that someone of my age shouldn't try to learn foreign languages. All the more so, because I only have vocational education... But when I read an article about the flashcards, I thought to myself “What have I to lose learning at home? After all, no one will see me.”. This was my best idea ever since I retired! With Easy Speaker everyone can start speaking a foreign language.

Lucy Dodsworth,
67 years old

Easy Speaker Easy Speaker

“... success after years of struggling to learn German”

I've probably tested every method of learning German and none of them have been effective – I faltered over some words and stumbled over the simplest sentences. But learning with Easy Speaker is completely different, because every day I take a step forward! I feel that after 5 years of struggling with German I'll finally succeed.

Rosie Frost,
33 years old

Easy Speaker Easy Speaker

“... after 20 days of study I no longer feel ashamed to speak”

This was my third attempt to learn French. I wasn’t sure that the platform would work for me, but it was a nice surprise. I memorized vocabulary with incredible ease and after 20 days of study I am no longer ashamed to speak French.

Ellie Worrel,
29 years old

Easy Speaker Easy Speaker

“... a method for people who care about their money”

I'm a frugal guy and rather penny-wise. I counted the cost of learning German the traditional way. It turned out that language courses on a platform like this are several times cheaper, because I save on expensive schools and textbooks. It’s a method for reasonable people who care about their money!

Andrew Reddington,
58 years old

Easy Speaker Easy Speaker

"it’s a child’s play"

I was a little concerned and wondered whether I would be able to study with the computer, but I shouldn’t have worried! Using the Easy Speaker platform is extremely simple, I managed it right away. Nothing makes me nervous.

Christina Forton,
65 years old

Easy Speaker Easy Speaker

“...I am finally doing something for myself!”

For me, learning Italian and Spanish is an antidote to boredom, but also more than that. This is how I train my brain and thus retain its full efficiency. And at the same time I support my memory and concentration. And I am finally doing something for myself!

Ula Zane,
71 years old

Remember that this method, just like any method, even a much more expensive one, won't work for everyone. Some people don't care about regular consolidation of the progress they make, and this method is not meant for them.

However, I am so satisfied with the Easy Speaker online platform with interactive flashcards that I'm offering you this guarantee:

Easy Speaker

Money-back guarantee

If after 4 weeks of using the platform you don't start to speak a foreign language at ease or if you are not satisfied with it for any reason - just report it to our consultant by phone. You have 60 days to file a complaint from the date you started to learn with our platform (activated the course). In response, you'll get your money back - quickly and effectively.

Easy Speaker

What's the quickest and cheapest way of gaining access to the Easy Speaker online multimedia flashcards platform?

The formula of the online platform with flashcards allows you to memorize new words five times better and in a more permanent way, because it is based on a unique method of building permanent association networks. The method has been discovered thanks to research in the field of memory processes. It has taken many years of work to develop it and that's why the value of the flashcards is so high.

I want to give as many people as possible a chance to benefit from this modern language learning method. Therefore, I guarantee that if you order online access to the interactive platform, you will get it the next day. That's not all! If you decide to order access to the Easy Speaker platform now and you will get a 41% DISCOUNT.

With this discount, the price for access to the online platform with the flashcards will be reduced from £169 to only £99.


Follow these instructions to order access to the Easy Speaker interactive flashcard multimedia platform.


Click "Begin learning languages" and complete the order form displayed on the next page.


You will receive access to the Easy Speaker multimedia online platform with flashcards immediately after you have paid for the order.


Log in to the platform and assess the extent to which the flashcards fulfil your expectations.


If you're not 100% satisfied, you will get your money back - with no extra formalities.

I'm deeply convinced that you will be more than satisfied. To be honest, I expect that you will be overwhelmed. I think that you’ll learn the language of your choice faster and easier than you expect.

Best of luck,
Cristian Pettersson

Access to the interactive flashcards for foreign language learning is available through the multimedia online platform

Easy Speaker



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